There are still only two, but I am in class hoping that the number of students will increase by April.

Today, I brought a picture of what I’ve been up to lately, Monday, March 15th.

I didn’t take it at 6 a.m. because I was too lazy.

I was able to film it at 10 a.m.
At 6:30 p.m., it’s actually ambiguous, so not many people can come out.
If the class time changes again, I’m going to start at 7 p.m. instead of 6:30 p.m.

And last class at 8:30

There were a lot of people on this day.

I was very busy because of the sudden influx of new people on this day.

Today, I’ll post the exercise of Kids Jisoo, which is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 p.m.
Today, we did various skills practice to position sparring.
It would be hard to use it in person if we just practice technology, right?
Today, we did position sparring in the mount situation because there could be a risk of injury if we proceed full sparring like the adult part.

Taeyoung, 5th grade in elementary school, and Junggeun, 4th grade in elementary school, are working hard on jiujitsu training.
There are still only two, but I am in class hoping that the number of 스카이어닝 students will increase by April.

Animal drill, frog drill.

One of the most important drills, the Shrimp Escape action. When I put them on one leg, they push my legs and they practice getting out of it out.
In fact, it is often used to get out of the side position.

I practiced right-wing escape moves on the mount today.
Jung-geun bragged that his fat friend got on the boat and handed it over, so I’m proud of myself as the director.

Today, we sparred out of mount position for 2 minutes.
A friend in the upper position maintains balance and a friend in the lower position is sparring out of the mounting situation.
It’s going to be jiujitsu training for both the top and the bottom, right? Kids sweat a lot even if I take turns doing 4 times.

I hope you watch your children’s health with self-defense and diet effects.

How do beginners manage when many people ask questions?
They ask that.

Let beginners take regular classes the same way.
However, I am teaching you what I am lacking because you have left or left earlier than the existing class.
The reason why I’m doing this is because even those who are in the beginner’s class came on February 1st.
And even if you came on March 1st, you’re a beginner, but you have to make a difference in level.

So the only way is to spend more time than others.
The early half hour is a time when no one is around, so it’s good to learn one-on-one.
The beginners are really enjoying it right now.

There are many people who said they can only work out for three days a week, and eventually change it to five days a week or three months.

The way to grow beginners is like a child. It feels like everything we do is easy.
Those who do it for the first time can’t relate to it and can’t help but follow it, so you have to point out with more enthusiasm and sincerity.

However, I think it’s like a child, but I don’t want to show that I can’t roll in front of others because I’m an adult, and if I feel someone is looking at me, I can’t do well, so I want you to use 30 minutes to learn.

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