You’re gonna use your whole body to get everything out of you

I was at home a few days ago
I fell and fell on my ass.
It wasn’t a bad fall, but it was a constant
There was a lot of bloating on the waist and hip.
So, I was introduced to a friend of Sejong Massage
He’s been there.

It’s located in a huge 강남피쉬안마 building, so I’m gonna
I was satisfied.
Bus stops are good nearby
Make sure you have a good location
It worked.

We’ll go inside the building and see what’s on the floor
It was well explained.
I checked that it is the third floor,
I’m going up there.

I’m going up and I’m going to get to the entrance.
I looked inside and saw that there was a large space
I checked it out.

Let’s get inside, and we’ll find a big space
The high-end lights were shining.
I’m just a little bit of a golden sign
I felt more.

There is a feeling of local feeling around
There were props in there.
Thanks to this, I have a little more professionally
I can feel the expectation that I can enjoy it
I did.

There’s also a menu, so you can see the price tag in advance
I did.
We confirmed that there are various types
I’m not gonna give you a chance
It’s been decided.

And then I started to get Sejong massage
I went to the dressing room to get it.
I’m relieved that men and women are separated
I could change.

How many clothes you can change
Clean and good or smelly
It was me.
I’m going to get back and get out of here.

Then start with the foot bath
sit comfortably in the space built with the tree and step
and then he could steam it.

Hot water flows out and fills the barrels
I’m not gonna let you put in a good-smelling powder
You’ve been able to relieve me a little more.

I only put my feet in it, but I was so tired
I fell asleep.
I feel even more like coming with a friend
It was good for a ship.

Then I cleaned my feet carefully and went to the room
He showed me.
All the people on the staff are so kind
I was able to comfortably get it from beginning to end.

The facility is clean, and the corridors are comfortable
I felt it.
And this place is packed for a visit
I don’t know if we’re having a discount
A lot of them came.

I’m going into a stretch of place.
Then there are so many different rooms
I’d like some people to come for a Sejong massage
I wanted to.

I went in first and saw it in the studio.
It wasn’t just wide, but I was alone and comfortable
and I had the advantage of being able to enjoy it.
So next time I’ll come by myself and take it
I thought about it.

If you came with a friend like me, you’d be in the couple’s room
He could have received it.
in the various times including lover or the family etc., it receives
I liked it.

So it started and I was able to figure out
You touched it and checked it out.
And then I pressed it hard to see if the century was okay
And you kept checking.

If you don’t have enough, you can ask for harder
If you’re too sick, you’re gonna let me weaken you
We could do it.
I’m just the right person to ask

Even Sejong Massage is a curious thing
He climbed up and pressed.
I’m going to get a good Chinese massage
It was a place to be.

the leg on the whole looses
How much
I don’t know if you’re good or you’re sick
It was getting better.
My friend is also the one who’s been
I can hear it, but I heard it later.
I hope this time isn’t over
He said he thought about it.

and then there’s a lot of other postures
He made sure all the fatigue was released.
I was so impressed with the increase
He’s refreshed.
And we, our employees, all wear masks
I was relieved to have it mounted.

You’re gonna use your whole body to get everything out of you
Of course, it had to be cool.
It’s so cool, I’ll have to come back while I get it
I thought about it.

The keys are designed to help you keep your belongings comfortable
It was there.
Thanks to it, I can get everything without anything missing
There was.

On the way out, I’m going to go to a blog
There was a cafe, so I’d appreciate it if you left me a review
You did.
I’m sure my friend said he’d like to upload this
He was taking it hard.

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