We’re going to revisit together next time.

What I want for my close sister’s birthday is…

I asked him what he was doing, and he wanted a meteor massage.

Cheongdam The Thai is good. Let’s go here.

He said he wanted to.

She’s an older sister that I usually get a lot of help.

Of course, I went with her on her birthday.

Daily self-disinfection written from the entrance.

I entered with confidence in the announcement that it was in place.

I think it’s a good idea to stay at home.

When things don’t work out because you’re aching,

I feel refreshed after the massage.

Put on your mask and take your temperature before you go in.

Check your body for fever. Hand sanitizer.

I used it to get rid of germs.

You can tell me the name of your reservation at the entrance.

Pay attention to decorating the interior as if you were getting a massage.

It was a place that cared more about hygiene and cleanliness.

Not only the floor, but also the blind spot.

There’s no place to roll, so this part of this.

I was relieved about that.

She went to the dressing room to change her clothes.

I took off the clothes I was supposed to wear.

It’s prepared according to the type of massage.

It’s time to change and start taking a foot bath.

There’s a locker inside the changing room.

You can put your clothes in here and keep your bags.

It looks slim, but it’s deep inside.

Everything I took was packed in a comfortably.

After I changed, I stood on the dressing table.

There was a sink, so I wiped my hands again.

It’s a skincare routine.

It’s ready to use, so you can use comfortably.

Especially on the skin because it has plenty of capacity

For those who need to use a lot when applying it,

You can use it with confidence.

We’re going to take the meteor massage as a tie, not as an aroma.

So when it’s all over, I’m going to wash up.

I checked how the shower was arranged.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash foam cleansing side by side.

I was ready. I was ready.

And then this is the foot bathroom.

The footbath was a little bit darker than the rest of the world.

Cozy interior lighting, fluffy sofa and soft back.

Cushion that wraps around and keeps your feet warm

I thought the combination of water would help me sleep well.

And the interior itself is dark and calm.

I thought I could sleep better because I used the material.

We’ve been looking at what’s in the foot bath.

There’s hand sanitizer in here, too. Powder.

There was one. It’s a bath product and a scrub.

These are the products.

When you enter, the warm water that’s melted with bath water…

I’m ready to put my feet in the foot bath.

If I do, I’m done.

And you can drink while talking to your sister.

I’ve got tea and cookies for you.

I don’t think it’s a big deal to drink tea.

It has a warm covering effect.

I got a scrub while I was taking a foot bath.

Use scrubbers to gently fold the soles of your feet and feet.

You wiped it off, and I felt good.

When you’re scrubbing yourself, the expert on the other side…

It was a different feeling to be given what you did.

I just rub it hard and rinse it off with water.

And then my feet were swept red, and I could see that I was stimulated.

But the scrub I received here didn’t irritate me.

The skin tone of your feet became clear and shiny when you rinse them with water.

And then we got a Thai massage in the same room.

She wants to taste spicy hands, so I’m looking at aroma.

The robber chose a stronger tie.

I was lying on my stomach when I got the massage.

A Korean professional manager pressed it for me.

And the muscles that I’m connected to are getting cooler.

So when it was over, the muscles were all together.

I can’t believe it. I keep moving.

The pressure was so strong that I felt a deep sense of refreshment.

And then when you stretch, you feel like you’re melting.

It’s flexible enough to use the expression “waste.”

Especially when you stretch your neck, you’ll see the left and right sides and the front and the back.

It’s designed to use all your muscles.

And after that, even if you move by yourself,

I loved it because it was so much more comfortable without getting sick.

Once you’ve done your meteor massage and stretching,

I went to the lounge and had a little break.

I’ve never been here before, so the other rooms…

I was just wondering how it was going, so I took a look.

This is a group room for up to four people.

There’s no inconvenience in lying down with a bunch of people inside.

There were other single rooms.

I’m not interrupted by 강남가인안마 anyone else.

I can concentrate on the muscles alone.

I liked your room, too.

Most of all, it’s a single room.

Because it’s bigger than I thought.

I was able to lie down comfortably.

After the massage, the place I was guided to was…

It’s a lounge with a table.

I’m gonna sit down with my sister and wait for a while to drink.

He brought me warm tea and vitamins.

From foot baths to massage and stretching.

I’ll have tea after I’m done, so I’ll be more relaxed

It felt like I was taking a break.

You’ve given me a good meteor massage, and now that I’ve had it, I’m tired.

It’s relieved, it’s good, you look less swollen.

I’ve decided to come back with my sister next time.

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