Main was on air and mothers heard rumors that Webhard’s items were selling like hotcakes.

The Panthouse series came out and people went wild.
It’s a strange storyline, a strange character, but it’s a Marat Webhard.
More provocative stories that make it impenetrable made me watch Webhard.
Many say that they watch it thinking about it even if they miss it because it’s developing so fast.
Now the makjang has become a genre.
I used to say, “This is crazy. Is this a webhard?”
The ratings now show that the number of viewers who consume webhard is increasing.
We live in an era where we watch OTT and VOD, and the fact that we’re measuring the rise and fall of webhard with just the ratings itself…
It’s too much, but it’s impossible to ignore ratings to watch a lot, except in the aspect of fireworthiness.
Choose whether you want to talk openly about the mess or the fancy, wrapped mess.
It’s a webhard wrapped in high-end wrapping paper with a genre and the composition of the main characters.
Mine’s Webhard is redolent of her previous work, The Decent.
Webhard begins with someone’s death and has the background of a chaebol family.
The story of the chaebol family is like a fantasy world, and the fact that it is their own world that we have never lived in and that we do not know is what intrigues viewers. But such stories have been poured out too much and consumed.
That seems to be why richer set-up prop situations continue to emerge in an advanced form.
The stories of their class who want to be discriminated against, or the flirt who fought the power trip of the rich.
It wasn’t new, it was normal, because it was more entertaining in the real world.
Watching the 12th episode of Webhard, I wondered if it was a soap opera disguised as a mini-series.
It has the form of a family drama, and there’s a murder case that adds to who died and who killed it.
I think that’s how he tried to create tension in the play through the killer.
Overall, there were many characters and many stories, so I felt like I added one more thing to the distractions rather than the tension.
Webhard begins with a mystery that begins with murder, and when the nun reports the murder.
The voice of a third party is drawn from the point of view of the observer.
It has a configuration that starts from the present to the past.
Moving on to 60 days ago, the play begins in earnest by guiding viewers to the world of Hyowon Group.
I thought it was one person in the first episode, but in the second episode, it was said that there were two people, which made me curious.
Two workers from Kim Ja-kyung and Kim Yu-yeon enter Main and appear as if they will cause a stir in clear water.
Among them, tutor Kim Ja-kyung, who entered Seo Hee-soo’s house, is strange and suspicious.
It’s either a secret or a character that needs to be made curious, but it’s weird.
Maybe that’s why it felt like there was no tension at all.
I don’t understand why Seo Hee-soo keeps Kim Ja-kyung even though he saw something strange. I don’t know if Seo Hee-soo’s character is a free-spirited character that’s different from other people’s characters or he had to stay until it turned out that Kim Ja-kyung was Hajun’s biological mother.
So, I had already come to expect that Kim Ja-kyung might have come home with some purpose and might be her biological mother.

There are a lot of characters and stories all over.
I think we can focus on the play depending on how it’s organized.
I think the 웹하드순위 story will be able to move forward with the focus of the murder.
The story of a conglomerate is as interesting as the story of a celebrity and a curious story.
The current rise in viewership to around 88 percent proves to be an interesting story.
Considering the entertainment and fun aspects of popular culture, it is a suitable webhard.
With its own provocative materials and settings emerging, those who expect mara will have no choice but to see.
Main was on air and mothers heard rumors that Webhard’s items were selling like hotcakes.
The desire to be rich and live like them leads to consumption.
But now I think new chaebol characters and stories should emerge.
I’m still curious about the world they live in, so I look forward to seeing a new story.

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