I haven’t had all thirty cocktails, and I know a few familiar names.

Hello, everyone. How have you been?
Come to think of it, I think I like the position of an adult.
Of course, I’m responsible for it, but I’m more comfortable in many ways.

If a student’s life is like a government office, then an adult’s life is like a convenience store.
It’s always open, you can wear sweatpants and slippers, you can discount this and that, and sometimes you get discarded, but you don’t die when you eat, especially when you’re free to drink, regardless of time, money, and place.

In fact, the metaphor between a government office and a convenience store came to my mind while drinking a cocktail with my friend at the Gangnam Pool Salon in Sharosu-gil.

Also, this place is Gangnam Pool Salon, but it is an exotic bar that sells cocktails.

Gangnam Pool Salon and Pub is a very unique place.
We had a pizza and a cocktail, but I’d like to go get coffee next time.

It’s probably the only live pub on Sharosu-gil and Gangnam Pool Salon. This was my second visit.
Sodis Pub is a double-attractive space operated as a Gangnam Pool Salon during the day and a pub at night.

It’s a little far from Sharosu-gil, but everyone who knows comes and fills their seats.

It’s the first basement floor, so if you open the entrance door, you’ll see the stairs first. The lighting is rather fancy, so be careful.

Sometimes when it’s bright, you get into the building, and then you get dark. You know what I mean.

In that case, adjust slowly to the light and go down slowly and carefully.

If you go down to the first basement floor, the store is red purple again, so it’s a little dreamy.

It’s late in the evening, and there’s a lot of people at every table.
But there’s a lot of table space, so I’m glad it’s not that bad or anything.

The basic mood is purple, but the constantly changing mirror ball lights, neon-signed beams, etc.
There were so many visual elements that I couldn’t get bored watching.

I like the fancy and emotional atmosphere, and the music that comes out in the hip hop pub.

There’s a lot of equipment here. I was wondering what it was, but every weekend here, There’s a DJ party or an artist party.

Unfortunately, I went on weekdays, but when I have a party on the weekend, there are a lot more people and I can watch it live anywhere on Instagram.

A color that changes as much as I want.

I’m so happy to be able to play in a place like this without knowing if the sun is rising.
Similar to the logic of continuing to shop at windowless department stores, it feels like staying in the middle of the dawn and staying forever.
I took a picture of the Gangnam Pool Salon menu on Sharosu-gil, but you can’t see it well. But you can order it after looking at it, so please zoom in and take a look.

There are so many kinds of best menus, so if you’re worried about it, I recommend you to focus on the best menu.

The menu we ordered is a combination pizza with grilled brie cheese, a midori shower, and a peach crush.

I ordered and looked around the counter and found these cute and simple stickers.Of course, they pick it up for each color. I like to carry it in a transparent phone case.

There are more than 30 different kinds of cocktails, but I haven’t had all 30 different cocktails, and I know a few familiar names.

I heard both peach crush midori showers are great menus for beginners trying out cocktails for the first time.

Midori shower is sweet melon flavor and peach crush is fresh peach flavor. Both are not strong alcohol and can drink like fruit ade, so even those who can’t drink can enjoy it.

We just drink one drink at a time and have fun as if we had a bottle.

I think there were three types of pizza: Bulgogi cheese combination, but we ordered a combination.

The dough is thin, but there’s a lot of cheese and toppings, so it’s fun to chew.

It’s a pub in Gangnam Full Sirlon, Sharosu-gil, so I think it’s a good atmosphere to have a light drink with a simple side dish.

Simple but neat side dishes. Actually, the pizza looks familiar, but it tasted better because it tasted familiar.

I think it would be good to come here for the second round. There are snacks and desserts right after the first round, so it was a good place to stay in one place and hang out.
It’s also a good restaurant for the atmosphere. Gangnam Pool Sirlon Sharosu-gil.

I really liked the subtle pink 강남풀싸롱 lights.
It wasn’t too hectic or too dark, but it was a pretty bright atmosphere.

Half way through the pizza, I got curious about the new taste, so I ordered grilled brie cheese.
There’s too much cheese coming out there.

He put a whole bunch of cheese in it, and I was surprised that it was a lot bigger and the plates and the visuals were prettier than I thought.

Doesn’t it feel like a cheese plate ordered from a wine bar?

The ingredient is oven-baked Brie cheese with maple syrup and nuts, and my favorite combination is cheese and crackers that I can pick up endlessly.

I like the atmosphere of dreamy lighting restaurants, but I would like to recommend this place as the Gangnam Pool Salon of Sharosu-gil, which used to be a good side dish.

Where the brie cheese grilling goes well with the cocktail.
Where I think I’ll go again when I think of cocktails sometimes.

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