I almost burst into tears with you, saying you wanted to live.

After the last nine episodes, in the case of the Joo-ik Hyun-kyu triangle, Hyun-kyu was in contact with Jina.
When I found out, I suddenly asked Gina to go out with me.
The main couple, Tokyo, and in the case of the fall, the fall is towards Tokyo.
He realized that his heart was a feeling of love, and he confessed to confess.

I don’t know where that triangle will go.
And if yearning and destruction can have a lot of happy moments for the rest of the time.

Okay, now, let’s move on to be continued.
Webhard, one day, the fall came into my doorstep. Let’s start the review.
Monday, Tuesday, Webhard tvN One day, the fall came into my doorstep. Episode 10 Story and Review Let’s Break Up and Never Meet Again
Then let’s go out. Let’s go out. From today.

Tokyo has an aunt, so she’ll be home soon.
First of all, Tokyo gives an unexpected answer to the confession of destruction.

That’s how you two start your first day one.
You’re driving me crazy.

In another place, Hyun Kyu confessed to Gina.
Hyun-gyu smiles as if he was reminded of the past when he saw Gina throwing laundry.
And there’s also a scene of Gina, who almost let go of her old thoughts and feelings.
How’s it going with you two?
But I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s a waste of time.

The day we decided to go out, the yearning for the fall to come home.
But since then, whether the fall has become very active or not.
He just picks up Tokyo and starts to say cheesy things.
I’m always good at waiting and watching, but I won’t do that to you. The destruction of a man who goes straight.
Hey, let’s give him a kiss. It’s a nice day.

And you’re so cute when you’really cute.
After the fall, Tokyo tried to take her to the front of her house, but she said, “I’ll eat ramen.”
I’m gonna go up to the house.
At that time, I ran into my aunt and Sunkyung, who were grilling meat in front of my house.
I came across a portrait that Tokyo had taken.
Auntie wipes away tears quietly.
And you see it, too, but you quietly come outside.
You’re the only one who can help you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Meanwhile, I met a doctor at the hospital and a girl god.
The girl god said thank you for the gift to Tokyo.
It tells me to love and live to the fullest.
I still don’t understand the girl’s true feelings.
And today, the jealousy of the Fallen was no joke.
Tokyo’s eyes are like a growling puppy when he meets his junior.
Then it’s not like the main character doesn’t love anyone.

Of course, even when I meet the noble writer, I stare at him like a sore thumb.

Today, Tokyo will listen to the noble writer and be lost in thought.
If you don’t love someone, you’re the only one who has to die.
Because the rest of us can live happily ever after in a world that hasn’t been destroyed.
I stared so hard that I felt uncomfortable.Yes, sir.
Afterwards, Tokyo received the signature of the noble writer.
I’m taking it to the writer who said I’m a fan.
Tokyo delivered another piece of happiness.
I want to get married, hold hands, kiss, date, and then not get married?

And again, the yearning for the fall.
The fall is about to take Tokyo a few steps to get married.
A moment of bewildered admiration assures us that we should not just go overboard.
Why do you always put up with what you want to say?

The yearning to go to the place where my parents are.
And here, the fall notices Tokyo swallowing inside without saying anything.
And in order to get permission from my parents, my destruction speaks first.
Afterwards, Tokyo was like finishing up pre-planned things.
This time, we’ll prepare a birthday cake for the dead.
I felt a strange sadness in the free download of the yearning for a happy birthday.
Meanwhile, when Joo-ik kissed Gina, he knew Hyun-gyu at the time.
And I confess that if I didn’t stop him that day, I might have met Hyun Kyu.
You’ve been trying to keep it a secret, but you’re starting to feel sorry.
Wherever you go, this love triangle.
In order to save everyone, we must not love everyone.

Turns out I’ve been working on my bucket list all day.
But the last story was about breaking up.
After all, I won’t love anyone for everyone. The conclusion of Tokyo’s determination…
Leaving everyone behind.
Let’s break up. Let’s break up. Let’s not meet again.

But the fall that Tokyo had noticed was strange was already out there.
If we break up, I think you’ll forget me.
I fell in love with you. I’m sorry. I love you.

I was wondering if I could forget all my sisters, sunkyung, or myself if I kept going.
Once again, I even hold hands to try to catch Tokyo.
Tokyo will try to forget after confessing that he loves you.
And I return the red thread bracelet that the fall gave me.

When you sent me, the fall seemed very, very sad.
It’s the first time I’ve never seen him before.
It’s a yearning to go back to where I used to be when I was a kid.
I see pictures of memories, I look around places, and I think about the happy old days.
And there’s a scene where you see yellow tulips in a flower shop.
It’s a flower that came out once before.

The flower of yellow tulips means love that cannot be achieved.
Mango tulips mean good things, but yellow tulips mean sad flowers.
Tell me, Tokyo.
I want to live. I really want to live.

But then again, the destruction that came to Tokyo so easily.
To the yearning who always 무료 다운로드 swallowed what he wanted to say, which still seemed sad.
You call me by my first name.
After all, Tokyo is patient.The words that I couldn’t say are in the face of destruction.

I don’t want to die alone, I want to live.
I almost burst into tears with you, saying you wanted to live.
I think that’s where the yearning came from.

I hope there’s a way for you to keep me alive.
If this continues, it’s too sad ending.

Anyway, when Tokyo suddenly got sick alone and declared he wouldn’t love anyone, he left.
I thought it was too sweet.
I guess the fall was just because you’d find it anyway.

But when I saw the 11th episode, there were a lot of scenes where I felt like I was going to cry again.
God help you, he says you’re erasing each other.
If you erase the existence of destruction from Tokyo, can you live?

I’m so emotional. I’ll be here for the 10th episode.
Webhard, one day, the fall came into my doorstep. I’ll finish the review.

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