The residual rate was higher than it had ever been

I can’t find a new job in this recession.

It’s a blessing to be here, but…

I had no choice but to take the wheel again.

I need a business car, but this…

He fits well with 88카 my job and is a regular.

Well, considering it’s a good ride,

People around me say that what Ray used is okay.

I talked to him, and when I saw him on the surface,

He’s a little fussy.

I was worried, but I thought it would come close.

I saw it, and I heard instructions and explanations.

It’s much wider than I thought and much easier.

I’m surprised it was with me.

What you’re looking at right now is Ray Turbo.

In this case, it was named Prestige.

It’s almost like a modifier.

It’s a word there, and there are fewer options.

I’m glad it symbolizes rejection.

I could’ve done it. Used cars.

Convenience specifications when considering the benefits

Possibility to bring various kinds of things.

It’s so nice to think about being there.

It’s a little weird because the color is black.

It was making an image.

I thought there would be only bright colors.

But when I saw it in person, I found out that the name was black.

The shape of the cube is also incompatible.

He didn’t do much, and he looked good together.

I could talk to you. And

Unlike what looks fun on the outside, we will go inside.

There are a lot of seats in there.

She had an unexpected charm.

Good for business.

I think you recommended it. Suppose you’re riding alone.

I tried and only folded the back seat.

It is also used as a trunk and a large loading dock.

The advantage of being possible played a big role.

The door design is unique. On the left, there’s another car.

It’s just a normal door, just like you.

It’s supposed to be open, but the right side is just…

If you open the carnival, you’ll see the structure of the van.

I got a big one because I was choosing.

It is appropriate to load the luggage.

It’s enough not to open the trunk.

I could use it. It’s very special.

I’m here. I don’t know if there are kids behind me.

I don’t mean to bring my family, but if I do,

Even if you use it like that, it’s true.

I think it’ll be good. The reason why he is popular is because he is popular.

It’s the moment I realized that the report was real.

Ray’s used car has speakers everywhere.

It’s installed well, so I’ll play it for you.

There is no problem running too far. injection

They say gasoline is the fuel that works. Gasoline

And if LPG fuel is injected.

I thought he could save money just because he had money.

If it’s for the purpose, that’s good, right? It’s a little bumpy.

Unfortunately, the only result was fuel efficiency.

I’m saying no. A light sentence means fuel efficiency.

I think it’s going to be great.

It’s normal, but I said it wasn’t.

You’re the one who needs my specs.

You showed me his good points and bad points.

I want you to be honest with me and make me feel more comfortable.

I could look around. Please be careful.

That’s the only choice I have to make.

I’m so touched that you said that.

Anyway, to keep explaining, the poetic nature…

It was surprisingly good until suv.

If not, it’s just a normal sedan.

The comparison shows a wide view ahead.

It has the advantage of being able to come in

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