Nowadays, I have been involved in related daily life such as jujitsu and delicious food
I started blogging because I wanted to share it.

Nowadays, I have been involved in related daily life such as jujitsu and delicious food
I started blogging because I wanted to share it.
Today, I am in the gymnasium, the main building of the Jujitsu Painting Academy
I’ll show you a little bit about the interior and the facilities.
My gym is located in Shinchon, I am very close to Lee Dae-jung.
The interior of the painting is composed of a blue mat reminiscent of a wide blue sea,
It’s very wide.
inside the main building of the Jujitsu Academy
It’s inside the women’s dressing room.
Our gym has a lot of female staff, so there are many luggage in the gym
I chose Jujitsu to learn how to defend myself,
I was surprised that there were many women who chose the same Jujitsu as me.
There are many female officers here today!
In the main office of the Jujitsu Academy, the women’s dressing room
The dressing room has a shower facility and various convenience tools (spring, tissue, hair strap tissue, dryer), and a diffuser tool that can dry the scalp of the dryer!
Jujitsu Academy Main Building Shower Room Various convenience tools
I learned about self-defense during class today, how to defend against surprise knife attacks.
There are too many ugly cases, such as the stabbing, the assault, and so on.
So I learned more and more, and I learned
“Knowing is power! ” than being unaware
I think it’ll help if you know.
As are self-defense and jujitsu.
I’m going to take your class
Our gymnasium learns and practices self-defense and jiujitsu skills, starting with basic physical exercises, and has Dalian time or technical review time (choice).
I briefly listed the Jiujitsu I was learning today, the location of the Jiujitsu painting I was walking around, and my personal thoughts.
After finishing my work, I headed to the Jujitsu Gymnasium located in Shinchon, Yidae to exercise
Today, a longtime jujitsu named Professor Jody led the basic physical exercise instead of the director.
In fact, physical exercise with Professor Jody is a little difficult because I have a lot of difficult movements,
It’s fun because it’s going on in a pleasant atmosphere.
It was a physical exercise that I could not afford to be burdened by women like me
If you heat your body through basic physical exercise, you are ready to exercise in a good condition!
Director’s Class (Kald Defense)
After the basic physical exercise, I rest for about 3 minutes and then the class time of the director’s jiujitsu is going on. Today’s start was to review the defenses against the knife attack I learned in the last class, and reviews are very important to learn!When I first started learning yesterday, I was long-lived, but when I followed the movements, the movements I did yesterday came out.
The director’s class (Stage of breaking shoulders)
Then the class! I learned about jujitsu technique, shoulder breaking.
It’s a technique used when my opponent tries to attack me between the legs while I’m lying down.
In the close guard state, when opponent puts his hand on the floor and he stands up the upper body,
I’ll grab one wrist and the other, and I’ll follow you up,
If you hold the wrist that you hold the other person with your other hand and hold it on the ground again, turn your upper body, move side by side, and lift the other person’s arm toward your head, your arms are 주짓수 broken. Of course, it is a technical exercise, so you should be careful slowly so that you do not get strong and do not get hurt.
Exercise should start with joy and be able to go home with joy even when it is over.
I think it’s most important not to hurt each other.
Dalian and review times have returned, and those who want to practice Dalian or learn more about the Jujitsu skills they have learned, some people practice Jujitsu skills and watch Dalian carefully. And you can talk about Doran Doran.
Dalian time / Iron bars on the ceiling of the gymnasium
I feel sorry for my regular class and I do a little more exercise. I did some chin-ups today. Exercise equipment in our seal!It looks like a ladder hanging from the ceiling, doesn’t it?
I do it with the help of a friend when I do a chin-hanging, and if a friend catches both ankles, I can easily pull the chin-hanging. I’ve tried up to 30 and I’m going to try to increase it by steadily.I’m going to play two Jujitsu matches this weekend, so I’m exercising carefully.
I did a little bit today, and the picture on the left is from the white belt 1 (grade) that I had just started to do.
Why do you look so small? Next to you, the right photo is me after 30 chins. Skeletal and muscle-stained, huh? I like it because I can see it looks healthier.
I think that it is also happiness because I can start to work at the main building of the Jujitsu Academy where I go, and my body and mind become healthy and learn and exercise with good people in the gym.
I want to do healthy exercise with the members of the Jujitsu without getting hurt in the future.
I’ll come back with a better message for the next posting!

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