A person who has assets to invest but does not have time to find out

How are you planning to raise money these days? I think you recognize a lot of places with high savings rates because the interest rate is low. So today, I recommend the deposit of IBK, which I use a lot, and I will see 폰테크 how I can make a higher profit.
It is also a good idea for those who have collected one of the goals this year to find out the popular IBK savings. In particular, IBK savings are good for preferential rates given to new subscribers.
If you sign up through open banking, it is an open banking deposit that provides a preferential interest rate of up to 1.0% per annum. You can only join one account with more than 10,000 won and less than 300,000 won. If you join through open banking and have a maturity, you will receive up to 0.5%, and if you are the first customer to join at the time of subscription, you will receive an annual interest rate of 0.5%.
It is a product that provides preferential rates based on the achievement of the D-Day (expiry time) target and whether the first customer is present. If you pay more than the target amount, you will receive a 1:0% preferential rate for the target achievement rate. You can pay more than 10,000 won to 200,000 won per month, and up to 3 accounts per person.
It is a savings account that provides up to 1.33% interest rates when all interest rate preference conditions are met. Only individual operators or law enforcement companies with business registration certificates are eligible.
It is difficult to find more than 3% savings, but sometimes it is necessary to look at it from time to time because there are some recommended products for IBK savings as special and limited sales products.
If the average interest rate of IBK savings as discussed above is applied to plan to raise short-term money for one year for 200,000 won per month, the interest of IBK savings will be 32,750 after one year.
I have looked at some recommendations and returns of IBK savings, but I want to collect money steadily, but the interest rate is low and the interest rate is too low for one to two years. If it is not a big money, but if it is needed for 50 or 1 million won, there may be a bad situation to break the savings. On the contrary, if the period of depositing the IBK is long, the interest will increase, but it may be abandoned in the middle.
How can it be a wise way to do this?
It’s important to know how to raise money properly, to know how to manage it and to use it wisely, to understand the flow of money.
If you have a goal of raising money by investing a year or three years, you should seek a way to achieve a higher return while pursuing the stability of principal guarantee given by IBK savings.
It is important to find a safer investment method because it can not predict the future and there is a possibility of principal loss to invest only in returns like the stock market or the virtual currency market.
In fact, everyone repeats the work of working and collecting money for the rest of their lives, but the financial gap in the future is so different depending on how wisely they retack. It’s the difference between the person who does it with your own goals and the person who does not. I should have done it later.
Everyone knows the need for investment, but they don’t have time, they don’t know, they don’t have the assets to invest, they’re afraid, they’re not getting their first steps for a lot of reasons

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